Canada: Prison for a couple who hungered and abused dogs


Fifteen and nine months in prison. At least that's what the justice of Sherbrooke decided this Friday, August 30 against Williams Heath and Bianka Lizotte. These young people, who are 23 and 21-year-old couples, are alleged to have committed animal abuse and mischief at their rented home. The mis en cause actually mistreated a total of 9 dogs they abandoned in the residence. According to the confidences of the owner of the residence they rented, the places were virtually destroyed by the animals and two of them were found dead in the freezer. Damage can be estimated at about $ 55,000.

Unconsciousness according to the judge …

magical thinking and immaturity. That's what comes to my mind [thinking about this
notably declared the judge Conrad
to the accused. "You
do not seem to have realized the wrongs you have done and that
seems to be still the case today »
he added. This decision
of Canadian Justice sounds pretty good in struggling structures
against violence against animals. They welcome the decision and ask
high media coverage to discourage this phenomenon.

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