Canada and other countries develop "Netflix Tax", says Justin Trudeau


MONTREAL – Canada and other countries are currently working together to establish a tax system in which large international production services companies like Netflix would contribute to a fairer share of taxes.

In an interview delivered Monday at Ici Radio-Canada Première, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed confidence that announcements to this effect could be made in the coming months. He reiterated, however, that taxpayers would not pay for this new tax system.

In September 2017, the Government of Canada announced a $ 500 million, five-year agreement to establish Netflix Canada. This branch of the television entertainment giant then committed to producing original Canadian content, without specifying how much would go to French-language content.

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For its part, the federal government did not impose a tax on Netflix. This decision was widely criticized in Quebec, particularly in the cultural and communications communities.

Since that announcement, Prime Minister Trudeau has repeatedly said that he does not want an agreement to result in higher taxes for Canadian taxpayers.

With respect to the precarious situation of many Canadian news outlets, the Prime Minister reiterated that he remained very concerned about the effects of digital transformation and said that strong and independent media were essential to democracy.

In addition, during the interview, Mr. Trudeau briefly returned to the multiple use of the word "genocide" in the text of the report of the National Survey of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (ENFFADA) published on Monday. last week. A few hours later, at a conference in Vancouver, the Prime Minister agreed that the term "genocide" could apply to the treatment of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and girls.

On Monday, he said he subscribed more to the term "cultural genocide".

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