can the 5-star Democratic Party alliance last?


5-Star Movement and Democratic Party: the alliance carp and rabbit. "It is a very fragile alliance that seems to be taking shape tonight, an alliance between the 5-star populist movement and the Democratic Left. The two sworn enemies of yesterday who will have to sit at the same table to discuss a common program ", analysis Stéphanie Perez live from Rome (Italy).

It will not be "not easy when you know that everything or almost opposes them: the question of the sense of the institutions, the European question Giuseppe Conte will have to compose his team and it will not be simple either when one knows that this marriage of reason creates some eddies within both parties ", adds franceinfo's reporter. "But this alliance has no right to the mistake because it is the Italian growth that is at stake. And Matteo Salvini is waiting in ambush for the slightest error, the slightest crisis to provoke the new legislation he expects. ", concludes Stéphanie Perez

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