Brigham athlete crowned best lumberjack in Canada


The Brigham resident earned this title at the Stihl Timbersport Canadian Championship at the end of July.

This title is the culmination of several years of effort for the 24-year-old athlete. I started with the McGill team eight years ago. It's a sport that requires a lot of training and experience. It requires a lot of strength and technique. It is with the training that one becomes better.

Competitors compete in ax cutting, hand-sawing, hacksawing and ax-cutting events.

The athlete, who has been professional for four years, must compete with ingenuity to succeed in training. Normally I would have to train two or three times a week. It is not always easy because it requires installations with wood and equipment. I also do more physical training like cycling or running to compensate when I can not train with wood.

Although Stéphanie Bélanger-Naud does not come from a family of lumberjacks, the fact remains that the handling of tools does not scare her. On the other hand, I was raised on a dairy farm, so manual labor and working outside, I'm used to.

Her competitions have taken her across the United States and from coast to coast to coast.

The master's student in animal science also finished second at the World Championship.

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