Brexit: furious, Hugh Grant invites Prime Minister Boris Johnson to go "fuck"


OUTSTANDING – It will be known now, Hugh Grant does not mince his words when he is angry. On Wednesday, August 28, Boris Johnson was the target of the wrath of the actor. The latter was strongly swept away after the decision of the British Prime Minister to suspend Parliament.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend the work of Parliament for a month has a reaction, and not a little. Perceived by opponents of Brexit as an attempt to sabotage democracy, it provoked a public outcry. Among those who commented, the actor Hugh Grant, who has not hesitated to push a bleeding jabbing against Boris Johnson, insulting the passage.

"You're not going to suck the future of my kids," Hugh Grant began on Twitter, before continuing in the same tone. "You're not going to destroy the freedoms that my grandfather defended in two world wars, fuck you, rubber pool toy over-the-top, the UK is revolted by you and your little gang of wankers. "

So vehement words, retweeted nearly 56,000 times and loved more than 220,000 times in one night. After this tweet, many have expressed their respect or even their love for the star of Love at first sight in Notting Hill and Love Actually.

But there are also many who reminded the actor that the British voted for Brexit.

Faced with the cries of protest of the opposition, Boris Johnson defended himself while affirming on the television channel Sky News that the fixed calendar "will leave ample the time to the deputies to discuss the EU and the Brexit".

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