Brazil's surprising response to the G7 group


French President Emmanuel Macron said yesterday Aug. 26 that the G7 countries would release $ 20 million to send water bombers to the Amazon, an aid that Brazil rejects.

During the summit in Biarritz, the G7 promised help to fight forest fires raging for more than three weeks in the Amazon. But this Tuesday, August 27, the Brazilian government has simply rejected this international aid.

Fires in the Amazon: Brazil's surprising response to the G7 group

"We thank (the G7 for its offer of help), but these means may be more relevant for the reforestation of Europe", said the head of cabinet of the Brazilian government, Onyx Lorenzoni, on a blog of the G1 information portal, a statement confirmed to AFP by the Brazilian presidency. "

"Macron can not even avoid a predictable fire in a church that is part of the world's heritage, and he wants to give us lessons for our country?"he said, referring to the fire that hit Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on April 15th.

"He has a lot to do at home and in the French colonies", he adds, referring to the overseas departments and territories of France, which includes Guyana, bordering Brazil and which includes a small part of the Amazon rainforest.

"Brazil is a democratic, free nation and has never had colonialist and imperialist behavior, as perhaps the goal of Frenchman Macron. Moreover, with a high internal rejection rate ", also said the chief of staff, resuming the words of the Brazilian president who repeatedly denounced the "colonialism" from Macron.

All these statements come in a rather tense context, as a result of not very convenient exchanges between Emmanuel Macron (organizer of the summit between the powers) and his Brazilian counterpart, strongly criticized for his (non) environmental policy.

Before all this, the Brazilian Minister of the Environment, Ricardo Salles, had estimated that the aid proposed by the G7 was "welcome". But President Bolsonaro, who then met with some ministers and his chief of staff, changed his tone.

"Nobody needs a new initiative on the Amazon", Brazilian Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo hinted, valuing mechanisms under the auspices of the UN Climate Convention "To finance the fight against deforestation, and to reforest".

Jair Bolsonaro had himself blasted on twitter the proposal of Emmanuel Macron yesterday: "We can not accept that a president, Macron, is launching misplaced and gratuitous attacks on the Amazon, or disguising his intentions behind the idea of ​​an 'alliance' of G7 countries to save the Amazon, as if it was a colony ".

Recall that Emmanuel Macron was the first European Head of State to seize the situation in the Amazon, before imposing it on the G7 biarrot menu.

Macron, however, defended himself from wanting to undermine Brazilian sovereignty by acting against the fires that devastate the symbolic "lung of the planet". "Each country is concerned because it is first and foremost its territorial sovereignty. But given the stakes and what the Amazon rainforest represents, we are all concerned because it is a terrible imbalance for the planet ", but hammered" the champion of the environment " on the plateau of France2.

Fires in the Amazon: Brazil's surprising response to the G7 group

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