Brazil and the United States are "on the same wavelength" regarding fires in the Amazon


French and languages ​​in contact

Our Tour of Belgium in eight weeks, to discover the linguistic specialties of Wallonia and Brussels, ends. With Eulalie, Tintin, Mademoiselle Beulemans, Natacha, Toine Culot and tutti quanti, I hope I have made you appreciate some finds of authors who have chosen to associate with French elements borrowed from the regional languages ​​close, Romance or Germanic. Sometimes alternating languages, which remain distinct; sometimes by creating hybrid parlors, mixing French and Flemish or French and Walloon.

The reasons that have pushed Hergé, Walthéry, Arthur Masson or Marcel Remy to appeal to Flemish or Walloon are various. For some of them, it is about creating exoticism, by associating the practice of regional languages ​​with very remote populations. For others, it is the desire to create connivance based on the local language and its ability to attract the sympathies of readers who are familiar. As we have seen, these motivations are not …

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