Braderie de Lille: no, a man was not arrested with 3 kg of explosives in anticipation of an attack


Malicious rumor or simple misunderstanding? A small rumor spread on Friday, August 30, at the opening of the Braderie de Lille, concerning the arrest of a man with 3 kg of explosives, who allegedly planned to commit an attack.

From ecstasy to explosive

The police of the North hastened to deny the false information, in a tweet also relayed by the prefecture. "No, no man was arrested by the BAC with 3 kg of explosives in Lille"is it indicated.

Below, we can see the capture of a message – filled with mistakes – according to which "my colleague's husband works at the BAC Lille", or "they have just arrested a man with 3 kg of explosives. The BAC has strong suspicions that there is an attack that is preparing for the clearance sale".

According to a police source, a man was arrested this morning with 3 kg … of ecstasy. The sounds of the two words are not very far, so the rumor could be part of a simple misunderstanding. The individual in question was taken into custody.

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