Boye: "It's a great team, but in football anything can happen"


Tomorrow evening, Stade Saint-Symphorien will host the match between FC Metz and PSG. The match counts for the fourth day of the championship, and will contrast a promoted to the reigning French champion. With the many wounded in the ranks of Paris, the messins will be keen to achieve a result. John Boye, defender of FC Metz, returned to this match during his press conference.

"The PSG? It's a match as we play every weekend. He is not more special than others. For me it's a match like any other. We are preparing for this match like the others. We play at home and that's very important for us. Everything can happen. We can win when they play (the injured PSG, ed) and even lose without them (…) It's a great team, but in football, anything can happen. "

Even if the players of Metz want to make a match like the others, it is not really the case. Indeed, the promoted will have the opportunity to drop the Parisian ogre in front of his audience. A defeat of the PSG is possible, especially with all the injured and absent. There will be no players like Mbappé, Cavani, Herrera …

This will be an opportunity for those promoted to make a great match. As we saw last year, with a reduced team PSG becomes a much weaker team. It is therefore possible to see FC Metz dropping the club of the capital. A PSG who is still struggling at the level of his collective. We saw the many deficiencies in the first 3 league games. But we must not forget that FC Metz remains on a defeat 3-0 against Angers. PSG gave him a 4-0 in Toulouse.

The PSG should be able to win despite the many absentees. However, a second defeat in just 4 games is already conceivable for the Paris club. Knowing, no possible rookie can play this Friday.

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