Bolsonaro will no longer use French Bic … made largely in Brazil


EMBARGO – The Brazilian president announced Friday (August 30th) the boycott of the French brand Bic. These pens sold in Brazil are yet 95% manufactured in the country.

"A Compactor pen, instead of the Bic, will do," Jair Bolsonaro told reporters.O Globo, Friday, August 30th. In the midst of a diplomatic crisis with Paris, the Brazilian president decided to boycott the French brand and favor a Brazilian brand. What Jair Bolsonaro does not seem to know is that 95% of the Bic pens sold in Brazil are manufactured in the country, and more precisely in Manaus, in the state of Amazonas. Nearly a thousand people are thus employed in the factories of the Amazonian city as well as in Rio de Janeiro.

Bic did not wish to comment on this media release, but simply confessed to being "flattered" at being recognized as "a democratic brand". Jair Bolsonaro has often brandished his Bic pen when signing official documents, the emblem according to him of his modest lifestyle, unlike that of his predecessors.

Discover in the video above how Bic pens are made.

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