Bolsonaro will no longer use Bic pen: the showdown with France continues


The Brazilian president has announced that he will no longer use Bic pens because it is a French brand. Ridiculous threat or premise of a real trade war?

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro does not turn the page with France after tensions over fires in the Amazon. He loudly announced in front of television cameras in Brasilia that he would no longer use Bic brand pens. "A Compactor pen, instead of Bic, will do the trick." The day before, he said on his Facebook page: "Now it will be Compactor, because Bic is French."

After the criticism, the boycott of the pens!

Asked by AFP, the Brazilian presidency did not comment. According to Le Poinr, 95% of the pens sold in Brazil are made in Manaus, one of the nine states that shelter the Amazon rainforest.

Bic did not want to comment on Jair Bolsonaro's statements, but said he was "flattered" to be recognized as "a democratic brand".

Diplomatic relations have been worsening for more than a week. Emmanuel Macron called for mobilization to fight the fires ravaging the Amazon rainforest in a tweet: "Our house burns".

His Brazilian counterpart had labeled him a colonialist; since the controversy continues to swell. The Brazilian president has even openly criticized the physique of Brigitte Macron. His minister of national education had treated Emmanuel Macron as a "moron".

Friday, August 30, the Brazilian president said that Europe had "no lesson to give" in Brazil on the Amazon. His Foreign Minister Ernesto Araujo, and Eduardo Bolsonaro, the deputy son of the head of state and possible future ambassador to Washington, went to the White House. They talked about thirty minutes with the American president.

And during this time, the Amazon rainforest continues to burn.

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