Bolsonaro attacks Europe and moves closer to the United States


(Ariquemes) President Jair Bolsonaro said on Friday that Europe had "no lesson to give" in Brazil over the Amazon, while his Foreign Minister was pleased with his country's proximity to the United States. United after an interview with Donald Trump.

Jordi MIRO with Pascale TROUILLAUD in Rio de Janeiro
France Media Agency

The head of the Brazilian diplomacy, Ernesto Araujo, and Eduardo Bolsonaro, the president's deputy son and possible future ambassador to Washington, went to the White House, looking for support while Brazil has been for a week under a intense international pressure.


Eduardo Bolsonaro

The two men spoke for about thirty minutes with the American president.

"Governments are on the same wavelength," Araujo told reporters afterwards, welcoming that "for the first time" the US president will receive officials who do not have the rank of president or chief of staff. 'State.

According to the Brazilian minister, "governments share the view that countries are sovereign on their territory" and that fires in the world's largest rainforest should not be "a pretext to promote the idea of ​​a committee to manage the Amazon ".


The head of the Brazilian diplomacy, Ernesto Araujo

The US president congratulated Jair Bolsonaro on Tuesday, saying he was "working very hard" in the fight against fires in the Amazon, taking the complete opposite of other members of the G7. He had expressed the "unqualified support" of the United States in Brazil.

New fires

On the ground, the fires continue to progress, despite a temporary ban on burns and the mobilization since the last weekend of 18 aircraft and 3900 men in the Amazon.

Some 2,300 new fire starts have been recorded in Brazil by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), including nearly 1,500 in the nine states of the Amazon.

The total number of fires recorded in the country since January is more than 87,000, the highest since 2010, when more than 132,000 fires were recorded over the same period.


Porto Velho, Brazil. August 27, 2019.

Para is the most affected state with 587 new fires in 24 hours (+ 67%). In the Rondônia, where the army concentrated its efforts, 67 new homes were raised, three times more than the day before.

It is "not true" that the Amazon rainforest is "on fire," said Bolsonaro on Facebook on Thursday night, while assuring that "the fires this year are below average in recent years."

The far-right president has accused the Brazilian press of "feeding" international concern about it.

"Our dear Macron"

Bolsonaro also announced in the evening on Twitter having had a "productive" interview on the phone with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who, he assured, "reaffirmed the sovereignty of Brazil" on the 60% of Amazon that it shelters.

When Berlin suspended some of its Amazon conservation grants in early August, Jair Bolsonaro advised the chancellor to "reforest Germany".

In the morning, he told the press: "It is not only Germany, but all of Europe that has no lesson to give us on the environment."

The Brazilian president added to be "ready to speak with one country or another, except (with) our dear Macron, as long as he will not retract on the sovereignty (of Brazil) on the Amazon".

Jair Bolsonaro has been asking for three days that French President Emmanuel Macron, who felt that the question of sovereignty over the Amazon was open, withdraws his "insults".

He did not accept $ 20 million of G7 aid for the Amazon, requiring Macron's retraction as a prerequisite for any discussion.

On Friday night, Jair Bolsonaro said he would stop using Bic pens, a "French" mark, to sign official documents.

In Ariquemes, an average city 200 km south of Porto Velho in the state of Rondônia, AFP journalists have seen the progress of agriculture and livestock on the forest.

Large, well-defined land properties include extensive fields that are used as pasture for Nelore white cows. On the road that arrives at Ariquemes, there are many shops for tractors and other agricultural equipment as well as advertisements for sale of livestock or veterinary services.

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