Bolivia: President Morales gets lost in the middle of the night in the jungle


Bolivian President Evo Morales went astray for nearly an hour in the jungle as he accompanied firefighters fighting a forest fire. More fear than harm because the head of state, on the front line to raise awareness of the international community on fires in the Amazon, was able to find the trail of fire and military.

"We had a little adventure last night. We were lost for almost an hour, but thanks to the soldiers, we were able to find our way back, "he said, laughing at journalists present at Robore.

REUTERS / David Mercado
REUTERS / David Mercado

The Uno TV channel broadcast a short amateur video in which Evo Morales shouts in the middle of the night: "Where are you? Where are you ? "

The president, who had joined a team of forest firefighters, had lost his way in the forest of Caballo Muerto village, in the municipality of San Ignacio de Velasco, in the Santa Cruz department of eastern Bolivia.

On this occasion, he told Robore on Thursday that there were 342 fires in the area, twice the day before.

The forest fires, which intensified in August, have devastated 1.2 million hectares in Bolivia since May in the Chiquitanía and Pantanal regions.

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