Benjamin Griveaux outlines his plan for Paris


Pending the decision of Cédric Villani, who could launch alone in the adventure of the municipal, Benjamin Griveaux sketch his program for Paris. This Thursday on our plate, the candidate invested the majority presented several of his proposals.

Benjamin Griveaux, who recorded Wednesday the rallying of the mayor of the 9th and ex-LR Delphine Bürkli, assured that he wanted to give more power to the mayors of the district: "It's been two years that we work with Delphine, c it is she who convinced me that the mayor of Paris should give more power to the mayors of the district to respond more effectively to the galleys of Paris, "he promised before raising the case of the apprenticeship of English from an early age in the schools of the capital.

Teaching English from the nursery

The former government spokesman wants to offer an introduction to the language of Shakespeare from the nursery, in addition to an offer of language awakening for 14,000 children under the poverty line. He also wants to offer an immersion in English on extracurricular time from kindergarten: "Mastering a foreign language is a passport to freedom," said Benjamin Griveaux, who would like students to be bilingual at the end of college . For him, a good level of English would "drop the barrier exams, professional competitions, travel".

"When I was a child, my parents took me abroad, and I want to give this chance to every child in Paris, it is this freedom that allows children to build up, to get out of their condition to progress. and open up to the world, "he said.

Gaspard Gantzer Tossed

Still on the education side, Benjamin Griveaux, who issued in June the desire to change the breakdown of 8,000 classrooms in Paris, accused of making "respiratory disability for life", estimated the cost of the operation to "10 million 'euros per year for six years'.

A good political campaign can not be done without a soft message to the incumbent, Benjamin Griveaux took advantage of his passage on our antenna to attack Anne Hidalgo: "When we prefer a Paris for tourists rather than for those who there live and work there, it's an ideology and it's not mine.Before being the mayor of Paris I want to be that of the Parisians, "he said to the elector of the capital, joining on this point one of its competitors, Gaspard Gantzer, who denounced recently the policy of Anne Hidalgo, accused of having favored tourism to the detriment of Parisians.

But if Benjamin Griveaux seems to share the opinion of Gaspard Gantzer on this point, he also took advantage of the evening to tackle his opponent who would like to see the disappearing device: "Paris must be in the dialogue while candidates say they will blow the device without even asking the opinion of the Paris region, "he concluded.

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