Benito Raman Red Devils, who believed it with such a journey?


Benito Raman is one of the new faces called by Roberto Martinez in the Devils. If we suspected that Yari Verschaeren was going to be invited to the core one day or another, the selection of the Gantois is a surprise. A reward for a talented kid who has been able to question himself.

The career of the pocket attacker (1m72) can not be more classic. He moved pro to 17 years in La Gantoise, the club of his city. Still a little tender, it is lent successively to Beerschot and Kortrijk. He forges his character and crosses the road of Hein Vanhaezebrouck the KVK.

In the summer of 2014, HVH joined the Buffalos and find Raman. He installed him as a starter (31 games, 8 goals, 4 assists) in a season that saw the Gantois win a historic title.

The script is perfect and the beautiful story continues in the Champions League the following months. The people of Ghent impress Europe and climb to the 1 / 8th finals of the C1. Unfortunately, the rest of his itinerary is more tortuous. An event makes everything switch. In December, Raman slips and utters homophobic remarks. Suspended by his club, fined by the federation, Benito is lent at the end of transfer window to Saint Trond. The time the case is getting mugged? Not really, the link is broken.

Standard offers him a way out. The transplant does not take, Raman does not impose on Sclessin. The Liegeois get rid of him and let him go to Düsseldorf, in the second German division.

A song with his name in Germany

This loan looks like a step back, it turns into a springboard. In western Germany, Raman blossomed again. With his aggressiveness, the right-hander quickly becomes the darling of the 51,000 fans of Esprit Arena. Sign of his popularity, he is even entitled to a song to his glory on the haunting tune of Feliz Navidad.

The bet is paying off. Düsseldorf lifts the option. With 11 goals, he contributes to the rise of Fortuna. The following season, he confirms in the Bundesliga where his duet with Dodi Lukebakio makes havoc. Raman draws the attention of Schalke 04 who pays 12 million to focus his services. A few weeks later, Roberto Martinez calls him to the Devils. "Leaving Belgium and opting for Germany, he made a bold choice. He grew up, matured, and already last season he was very close to a selection. His transfer to Schalke, where he already seems comfortable, has allowed him to take a new step. It performs convincing performances in a role that is needed in selection", justifies the Catalan.

An unexpected return to the fore just two years ago when he left the Pro League on tiptoe.

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