"At Standard, I was sitting between two chairs"


After a stint in Anderlecht and another at the Standard, Emilio Ferrera (52) has flown to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to find a post of T1. In Dudelange, he continues his tortuous path, always guided by the same passion. As often, he will have to rebuild a team that has managed to reach, for the second year in a row, the hens of the Europa League.

How did you end up in Dudelange?

It was a combination of circumstances. Normally, I was at Standard for three years. But the press announced that a new assistant would arrive without my knowledge. This has resulted in some outside contact.

What made you choose this project?

First, I did not have a thousand possibilities. Secondly, the project linking me to Dudelange is not unique since the owner is also from Virton and Kaiserslautern. So I went into a global project. The first phase focuses on the European campaign Dudelange, but also the restructuring of the club since virtually all players are gone to Virton and I have to deal with 26 new players.

> His premature end and his (bad) role in Standard, his detractors, his abrupt course in Anderlecht … He eludes no subject in our digital editions!

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