Arrest at Bab-Sebta of a Frenchman wanted by Interpol


Arrest at Bab-Sebta of a Frenchman wanted by Interpol

August 31, 2019 to9:57

Modified August 31, 2019 at 9:57

The elements of national security at the border crossing Bab Sebta arrested Friday, August 30, a French national of Turkish origin, sought by interpol.

The arrest comes under an international arrest warrant issued against him by the French judicial authorities for a case related to international drug trafficking, said the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) in a statement.

According to the same source, the pointing operations of the 27-year-old French citizen in the Interpol database revealed that he has been wanted by the French courts since 29 July for his alleged links with drug trafficking networks.

The suspect was placed in police custody at the disposal of the investigation carried out under the supervision of the competent public prosecutor's office, until he was brought before the judicial authorities to decide on the extradition procedure, the statement concluded.

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