Are fires in Africa and the Amazon comparable?


video The world is paying close attention to the fires ravaging the Amazon rainforest. But fires are also burning in sub-Saharan Africa, without attracting the same interest. In reality, of equal gravity, the two situations are no less different.

By Arthur Carpentier Posted today at 16h06

Africa is burning, but the world only has eyes for the Amazon? At the end of August 2019, this is the content of many messages from Internet users, worried for sub-Saharan Africa.

The Amazon rainforest, ravaged by major fires since the beginning of summer, seems to occupy the center of the political and media attention of the planet. The slowness and inaction of the Brazilian government by Jair Bolsonaro in this situation has earned it harsh criticism from the international community. But while the struggle finally sets in, another region of the world seems to experience such a catastrophe.

According to NASA satellite images, even more serious fires would affect sub-Saharan Africa. A situation all the more sensitive as the region is home to the Congo Forest Basin. If the Amazonian forest is sometimes considered – a little fast – as the first lung of our planet, the Congolese rainforest can be presented as the second.

The severity of the two situations seems close, but their characteristics are very different.

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