Apple will harden its iPhone recovery conditions


Starting next week, Apple will offer a new price list for the purchase of a new iPhone in exchange for an old, we were blown. The prices are gone to increase and the conditions of recovery become more severe.

Apple has expanded the list of criteria to check for a takeover bid. Employees in the Apple Store were briefed to redouble their attention during their evaluations.

They will have to check for example the operation of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, the audio part (the iPhone 7 had problems on this point), if the device was previously modified or if it is on a blacklist stolen goods, for example.

Then it's the reference grid itself that should be revised this Monday. No wonder, it's happened twice this year. At each update, the amount requested to get a new iPhone increases by one or several tens of euros.

The resume grid currently

In December 2018, if you bring back an iPhone 7 that met the main criteria (good condition, good functioning), you could buy the first XR at 609 € (instead of 855 €) and the XS from 909 € (against 1 155 €). Gradually these two levels have become 100 € more expensive.

This "Trade In" program, which works with other Apple products, was presented last winter as a time-limited operation. Then he settled down and kept coming to the fore of all Apple sites.

Tim Cook said earlier this year that this offer was a great success, which we also heard from our contacts in Stores. These recovery rates are not all great depending on the age of the model, but the procedure is simple and Apple handles the transfer of data.

IPhone refurb

With the upcoming arrival of a brand new range of iPhone, it is not surprising that this program is moving in the direction of less attractive tariffs. What we can hope, however, is that the release of the iPhone 2019 finally unlocks the offer on refurbished models. The iPhone XR and XS never appeared on the refurb, the choice stops at the iPhone X.

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