"Anything can happen by the end of the transfer window, a bomb, two bombs …"



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Coach Zinedine Zidane appeared in a press conference this Saturday before Real Madrid's move to Villarreal (Sunday, 9pm).

Condolences to Luis Enrique: "I wanted to say one thing before starting. We want to send the affection of the whole team to Luis Enrique and his family for what happened to his daughter. I have no other words. It's a difficult moment, we think of him and his family. "

The match against Villarreal: "We're going to tackle it as the most important game of the season because it's the next one. We know at the beginning of the season that the points are important and we want to make a good match. We had a good feeling this week and what we want to do is apply them to the field. "

Keylor Navas case: "The situation is that tomorrow it will be with us, and until 2 (September), as usual, anything can happen. He will be with us. We have an important match. I only focus on that. "

Keylor and Areola: " What must happen will happen. We must think of Villarreal and then we will see what happens. "

The quality of Areola: "It's a question that has not been around today because I only think about tomorrow's game. For me, what matters is Villarreal. "

Its workforce: "That's what I have in the end, I'm very proud of the players I have. These are the best for me. Even when you arrive and want to make changes, the important thing is that you are comfortable at the beginning of the season. And I am comfortable. Things can change until 2, but I do not have to complain about my strength. Otherwise, I would change my job. All coaches would like to lead this team. "

The end of the transfer window: "As I said before, until Monday noon, anything can happen, a bomb, two bombs … we'll see. The important thing is tomorrow's match. "

His relationship with Florentino: "The decisions I make are about the field. My relationship with the president has always been very good. He made me come here to play and I will never forget him. I have nothing to clarify because our relationship is good. What is said outside, I can not control it. "

Hazard, wounded and summoned with Belgium: "He can travel, but to this day he can not play. He knows it and so do we, and I hope for the good of all, Belgium too. "

The scourge of wounds: "I can not be happy to see injured players, but unfortunately it happens. These are things that happen in all teams. The physios, the doctors and all those who work with the player do their best. I hope to quickly recover all the players. "

Duel against PSG in the LDC: "It's a very competitive team even though they have absentees due to injury. It will be a complicated and interesting first match, that's for sure. It's a great team. "

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