Antisemitic drawings: "These revelations are remotely controlled by the extreme right", Yann Moix assures


Yann Moix will be this Saturday, guest of the show is not lying, presented on France 2 by Laurent Ruquier. Invited as early as June, initially to talk about his novel Orleans (Grasset) in which he describes the abuse that he would have suffered from his parents during childhood, the former chronicler of the show has since another controversy to defuse: that concerning anti-Semitic drawings and texts that he published when he was a student. When he recorded the program, which took place on Friday night, he first apologized profusely: "My dear Laurent, I hate myself if I talk about my book.The first thing, I apologize for the abject, shocking drawings I made when I was 20. The young man I was, I would spit on him today, I beg your pardon to Bernard Henry-Lévy, and to all those whom I hurt in the most deep in my being, sorry for these comics. "

Described as "unrecognizable", "devastated" by the spectators, Yann Moix explained the reason of his gesture: at the time, "I did not have the shoulders wide enough to kill me physically so I committed suicide morally. I have a disgust for myself, this failure, this despised and despicable being, I was vomiting. "

"I tried to tear myself away from this black hole, this nightmare, thanks to luminous people like BHL who allowed me to build intellectually, I tried to redeem myself all my life, to fight xenophobia" he adds. And he replied: "What's the point of taking out these comic books, other than knocking me out?" "Apart from unplugging someone who is fighting against anti-Semitism, my fight is the legitimacy of Israel." (…) These revelations are remote controlled by the far right and everyone follows. "

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