Andrew Scheer's precarious balance on abortion | Elections Canada 2019


The silence of Andrew Scheer will have lasted days. Days during which a whole team would have had time to elaborate with the comma the answer of their chief to the delicate question of the abortion.

Would he allow his backbench members to introduce bills that would limit access? Would he vote for or against, whose personal convictions are anti-abortion?

He answered the questions, but the Liberals see his answers as vague enough to ask for more details.

For example, when Andrew Scheer says he's going oppose the measures that try to reopen these debates, his opponents doubt that the verb oppose is synonymous with vote against an anti-abortion bill.

This word oppose also irritates anti-abortion groups, who see it as an impediment to their freedom of expression.

Andrew Scheer was unable to put the lid on the pot.

When the report comes from within the conservative family, it has even more weight.

If I were in the place of the Liberals, I would talk about these issues (abortion and same-sex marriage) every day during the campaignCBC Rachel Curran, former policy director for Stephen Harper, said on CBC. I think this is a failure in the management of issues by the Conservatives.

Did the Conservatives think that the mere fact of pursuing the same abortion policy as under former Prime Minister Harper would serve as a shield against the attacks? Had they neglected to consider the personal beliefs of Andrew Scheer, who in the past supported bills that would have reopened the abortion debate?

During Stephen Harper's succession race, Andrew Scheer insisted that he voted Pro-Life, without exception. It was a way for him to woo the social conservatives.

Even if his convictions had since changed (we have no indication in this sense), it would be difficult for him to deny this past without alienating this fringe of the base of his party.

The Scheer team is on the defensive when it was just a charm operation with the female electorate, still largely undecided according to a recent Angus Reid poll.

The week looked promising for the Conservatives. The announcement of the star candidate Sylvie Fréchette was to show that the party was able to recruit large female sizes.

More than a third of the Conservative candidates declared in Quebec are women, but Sylvie Fréchette's candidacy shone a little more than the others.

It should have been better than abortion, the messages of Mrs. Fréchette and the lieutenant of the Conservative Party in Quebec, Alain Rayes, were synchronized with that of their political party.

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