Andrew Scheer gets the wrath of a pro-life lobby


(Ottawa) Conservative leader Andrew Scheer could get a "red light" from a pro-life lobby for his most recent comments on abortion.

Catherine Lévesque
The Canadian Press

The National Coalition for Life is accustomed to giving a green, yellow or red light to all those who run in federal elections.

A "green light" means that the candidate is against abortion and can be supported by "pro-life" voters. Conversely, a "red light" means that the candidate supports the right to abortion and is therefore persona non grata in the organization.

Those who hold an ambiguous position or whose position on abortion is not known get a "yellow light".

On Thursday, Mr. Scheer reiterated that he would "oppose" the initiatives of his MPs who would like to reopen the debate on abortion. He was trying to put the lid on the controversy following his party for a few days.

For Hanna Kepka, government relations officer for the National Coalition for Life, it is clear that the Conservative leader will prevent the abortion debate from taking place. She understands that he would not vote "for the protection of life" if the opportunity arose.

Mr. Scheer was given a "green light" in his early years in politics because his voting record was consistent with his religious beliefs, says Mme Kepka.

In his opinion, his most recent remarks about abortion come up against a "very important" part of his religious right base.

The National Coalition for Life color codes are not available to donors only because of Elections Canada's new rules.

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