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Defender Andrei Markov has been represented by Agent Allan Walsh for only one day. And already, he seems to have a lot of work on his plate as he tries to negotiate an NHL contract with his new client.

Markov, who played 990 games with the Montreal Canadiens, played the last two seasons in the KHL. However, the Russian wants to return to the Bettman circuit for purely sporting reasons.

"After the first 24 hours representing Andrei and the initial conversations with the teams, I feel, because of these conversations, that an agreement will be negotiated before the start of training camps."

And, according to the agent, Markov does not intend to play only the 10 games that separate him from the 1000-game NHL.

Andrei Markov on request – TVA Sports

"It's something that's in his head. But it's not just a question of playing 10 games to reach the 1,000 and go home, Walsh continued. He sincerely believes he can help a team. He can help young defenders, contribute to equal strengths and the numerical advantage. […] He feels he has a lot of gas in the tank. He's in Florida and has been training hard every day in the gym and on the rink. When the opportunity comes, he'll be ready. "

Walsh did not confirm having or not having discussions with Canadians.

"Andrei has been very clear to me that this is a hockey issue. It's not a question of getting the most lucrative contract. "

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