an MRE stopped by the customs


The elements of the Joint Control Brigade of Customs and National Security operating at the crossing point of Bab Sebta have defeated, Thursday afternoon, an attempt to smuggle 98 kilograms of hashish, it was learned customs source.

The elements of the joint brigade of the General Directorate of National Security and the Customs and Excise Administration seized this quantity of drugs, worth an estimated DH 980,000, in a vehicle registered with the abroad, the same source told MAP.

And to add that the elements of the joint brigade subjected the vehicle to a meticulous search that allowed to get their hands on the drug that was carefully concealed in the trunk of the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, a Moroccan living abroad, was handed over to the prefectural police brigade for further investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor.

S.L. (with MAP)

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