an inmate files a complaint after giving birth in her cell


Last year, an American woman in prison warned supervisors eight times that she was feeling contractions. Despite everything, they left him alone for more than four hours. On a video, we see her screaming in pain inside her cell, calling for help, her face grimacing, sweaty.

When she lost the waters, a guard warned the nurse, who explained that she was already scheduled to go to the hospital. While she was giving birth, they decided to finally call for help. But the prison nurse had no forceps to cut the umbilical cord, and as the ambulance did not arrive, it was necessary to call the fire department. The young detainee gave birth to her son, alone in prison.

She had been placed in pre-trial detention 15 days earlier, when she was already in her eighth month of pregnancy, in a case of identity theft. After the delivery, she was released.

After an internal investigation, all employees have been cleared of any wrongdoing. The Denver prison has since changed the rules, they are now instructed to call an ambulance when a pregnant woman complains of contractions. The story has only been made public now because the young woman seized a federal judge Thursday, August 29th.

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