An agreement is emerging between the United States and the Taliban


The prospect of an agreement between the Taliban and the United States is getting closer. While talks have been going on since August 20 in Doha, Qatar, US President Donald Trump has pledged to reduce military manpower in the country to 8,600, up from more than 13,000 now, once the agreement is reached.


A year after talks began, Washington and the Taliban reached compromises. Donald Trump wanted a quick agreement and a total disengagement of the troops when the Taliban agreed to negotiate only if there were no more American soldiers on the territory. " The announcements of recent months, the compromises, show the debates that there are internally in both camps "Says Karim Pakzad, researcher at Iris (1).

In Afghanistan, the dreadful banality of attacks on civilians

By announcing that 8,600 soldiers will remain in Afghanistan, without giving a timetable for a complete departure of the troops, Donald Trump follows the recommendations of certain American generals and advisers. They fear that the Taliban will not fulfill their commitments, once US troops have left to prevent the actions of terrorist groups linked to IS or Al-Qaida in the areas they control.

Taliban partners

" We will always have a presence In Afghanistan, assured Donald Trump, insisting especially on the fact that a residual force should make it possible to have high level information ". He also announced that there would still be support for the Afghan security forces. " In fact, the Americans have decided to stay in Afghanistan with the consent of the Taliban, Karim Pakzad analysis. They will rely on them to settle more permanently in the country and make them partners in the fight against terrorist groups. In recent days, American diplomacy seemed to link the subsequent reduction in the number of soldiers to a real lull on the ground, even to advances in inter-Afghan talks.

Is peace possible with the Taliban in Afghanistan?

The difficulty of an inter-Afghan dialogue

For the researcher Iris, " the agreement with Washington will arrive quickly. The most complicated will be its application and the inter-Afghan dialogue. Taliban peace talks with the Afghan authorities are also due to open in Oslo in the wake of the agreement with the United States. But this dialogue is not desired by everyone. Karim Pakzad evokes " strong local resistance Some Taliban leaders.

This is the moment chosen by the son of the commander Massoud, Ahmad Massoud, to take the torch of his father. On Wednesday, August 28, he expressed his distrust of an agreement with the Taliban, saying he would give them a feeling of triumph ". " It reflects the fears of a part of the Afghan population, especially youth, Karim Pakzad analysis. These young people did not live under the Taliban or the Mujahideen, and even if they only knew the war, they are afraid of losing everything. "

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