Amusement machines: lighter rules, satisfied companies


The Québec government will update the regulation on amusement machines, which will enable businesses in this sector to save $ 1.3 million annually and open the door to brand new entertainment centers.

The Liquor, Racing and Gaming Authority (RACJ) is responsible for enforcing this regulation.

"Last January, the RACJ won the lemon award for unnecessary paperwork. It was deserved and when I arrived in the post I made a commitment to review this regulation (…). We are acting quickly to help our businesses, "said Geneviève Guilbault, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Public Safety.

Ms. Guilbaut also indicated that it was time to dust off a regulation adopted in 1981 and last amended in 1992.

When the new regulations come into force, normally in October, 81% of amusement machines will no longer have to be registered. As of March 31 this year, there were 11,129 aircraft registered in the province.

For example, bowling alleys, pool tables, darts, simulators, rides and inflatable games, will no longer need to wear a registration sticker.

"Finally, the government has understood the need to reduce the price of bowling alleyways," said Jocelyn Faucher, owner of Quillorama Frontenac, who was required to pay $ 115 for each of his driveways.

"It was basically a double taxation because the people who play bowling already pay the GST and the QST. The bill for 48 driveways home was $ 5750 (sic). He would have to move to pay, to authorize our document by a solemn affirmation, "he says to emphasize the heavy administrative burden.

"The money we are going to save will be reinjected to make a bigger center of fun for us. The bowling industry is not going uphill. We are up, because we are different. And you have to stay different. The $ 1.3 million will come back to him (to the government), that's for sure, "said Faucher.

In addition, Québec is now opening the door to entertainment centers offering redemption games, which are devices that can be used to collect points redeemable for a prize.

"We applaud the government's decision to change its rules and the changes that will make redemption games legal," said Daniel Séguin, VP. Operations for Eastern Canada and General Manager in Quebec of Cineplex.

"It will allow us to adapt to the reality of today. These changes were critical to our continued growth by opening the door to several innovative entertainment venues, including the Rec Room. We are eager to implement it in Quebec, "Séguin added.

The Rec Room, for adults, includes games, virtual reality, shows and catering, all under one roof. Seven branches are operating in Canada.

Cineplex has also launched a similar concept for youth and families, the Playdium. Mr. Séguin hopes to be able to make announcements in Quebec for these concepts in the coming weeks.

The changes made by the government will ban any rewards for cash, gift cards, lottery tickets, tobacco, alcohol and cannabis products.

Video lottery machines, however, are not concerned by the exemption from registration.

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