AMD rules the class action for its CPU Bulldozer 8 curs for 12.1 million dollars


We did not think about it anymore, but AMD was still in court because of its processors Bulldozer. Not for all the CPUs of this architecture, only versions 8 curs were concerned by a class action, the APU, the 4 or 6 curs and the following generations were not concerned (piledriver …).

The case was first brought to court by Tony Dickey, who believed that AMD was guilty of false advertising by claiming that their processors had eight cores, when in fact only four were operational, that would be the fact that the Bulldozer architecture merged two curses into a module and AMD estimated that n modulus = 2n curs, except that in fact the processors seemed unable to achieve eight instructions simultaneously and independently.

amdbulldozer classaction

A class action was then established in the United States and the latter has just been solved with an agreement agreed between the lawyers of the two parties (AMD and buyers lss). AMD has agreed to pay $ 12.1 million, or about $ 35 each processor buyer (American obviously). Amount well below that claimed by the class action, it was indeed estimated that buyers had overpay $ 60 million in this case.

source: Techpower Up

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