Allobricole: Citizen engagement to promote social inclusion and the fight against the informal


Allobricole: Citizen engagement to promote social inclusion and the fight against the informal
Thursday, August 29, 2019 at 11:38
Ilias Khalafi

Rabat – Facility Management, Home Service, multitechnical and multiservice maintenance, are all expressions used repeatedly by the young entrepreneur, Redouane Agoudale, to discuss the sectors of activity of its start-up called "Allobricole". Specifically, this Moroccan company with a strong social vocation offers services in areas as varied as cleaning, gardening, DIY, electricity, plumbing or air conditioning.

Combining her mastery of information technology and her passion for entrepreneurship, Redouane has decided to set up a digital platform to make it a lever for social inclusion and the fight against the informal. Thanks to his unwavering commitment, success was not long in coming.

"In 2018, the turnover of Allobricole has increased more than 30% compared to 2017 and more than 750% compared to 2014," he said, recalling that these figures only count for the city of Rabat.

"I quickly realized the business potential" of this startup that is based on "a disruptive model combining a collaborative economy, interactive technology and a confirmed social impact," he said.

The informal economy is a heavy burden, particularly for emerging and developing economies. On the one hand, it has a negative impact on public finances and, on the other, it is a factor that favors the development of precariousness and social disparities.

In the end connoisseur of the field, the initiator of the startup has carefully dissected this problem by affirming in an interview to MAP that "the informal is a great loss of added value for the territory and this, in terms of wealth that can be created (recipes), of human resources which are not exploited correctly, of social tensions, or also with regard to the esthetic aspect of the city ".

Before designing this platform, he noted several dysfunctions that affect the exercise of liberal professions, in this case the gap between the need of the region and the available expertise, the invisibility of local competence compared to recruiters (large companies) that move to the regions, in addition to the lack of visibility for the competence in relation to future opportunities in the region.

He also noted that "the inefficiency of the actions undertaken by the various institutions to solve the problem of employment" is due mainly to "the lack of a common goal and convergent action".

The idea of ​​Allobricole thus proved to be obvious to provide concrete answers to this situation. Since its launch in 2014, it is based on a simple and effective concept: to provide an innovative digital platform to facilitate access to technical services of everyday life.

Its model is based on three essential pillars: ensuring the best service to customers (businesses / individuals), enhancing local expertise (craftsman, self-entrepreneur or small business) and contributing to territorial development by fighting against the informal and unemployment.

For local expertise, whether it be a young unemployed, a craftsman, a self-employed entrepreneur or a TPE, Allobricole is committed to upgrading their skills and integrating them into the local market. "Today, artisans who only worked with private individuals, turned into self-entrepreneurs or VSEs who offer their services to large companies, embassies, banks, etc.," said Redouane.

The Allobricultural Ecosystem guarantees economic and social inclusion to local competence, through a process that begins with identification, through recruitment, awareness, the transformation of the informal to the formal through the status of the community. self-entrepreneur or small business, training, tools and equipment, integration into the market and support over time (continuing education, administrative and tax advice, bookkeeping, etc.)

This platform also offers access to a range of benefits such as insurance against accidents at work, agreements with clinics and medical practices, working doctors, access to a co-working space and a workshop, as well as summer resorts for professionals and their families.

In addition, Allobricole-approved entrepreneurs or TPEs benefit from a digital inclusion, through the "marketplace" which allows them to manage their orders, invoices and relations with customers, and financial inclusion, by accessing faster to financing Allobricole banks and partners (foundations, NGOs, etc.)

For customers, the startup is committed to ensuring a good value for money while playing the card of transparency. It offers a quality service according to the standards of trades and displays the prices of standard work on its website.

The platform goes even further by offering a guarantee that goes up to 6 months, as well as liability insurance that covers any damage caused. In addition, the entire relationship with the customer is managed by a team of engineers and specialists.

With regard to the third area, which concerns the territories, Allobricole guarantees an innovative and sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem adapted to the region, taking into account local development and ensuring the upgrading, integration and support of human resources. unskilled in the local market.

The platform acts "as a strong and responsible partner who is fully committed to regional development and provides a real solution to the problem of unemployment," said the serial entrepreneur who launched into the world of business shortly after graduating from the Mohammedia School of Engineering in 2005.

At the head of six companies, Redouane Agoudale currently holds several other positions, including deputy secretary of the CGEM Khouribga Beni Mellal region, member of the INDH of the Khouribga region, member of the Employability Committee of the INDH Khouribga and President of the House of Environment and Development Association.

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