All you need to get to the airport by bus for the price of a TCL ticket


From Monday, line 47 will serve Lyon airport from Meyzieu. – E. Frisullo / 20 Minutes

  • From Monday, line 47 will run between Meyzieu ZI and the airport.
  • To reach Saint-Ex from Lyon, it will take 1.90 euros and one hour of travel.
  • In January at the latest, line 48 will be put into service between Genas and the airport to improve service to the communes of East Lyonnais to Saint-Exupéry.

Good news for travelers to the airport from Lyon and the 40,000 inhabitants of East Lyonnais. As of Monday,
bus line 47, inaugurated this Friday, will win Saint-Exupéry from Meyzieu ZI. And at the beginning of 2020 at the latest, line 48 will be put into service between Genas and the airport platform.

20 minutes you detail all you need to know about this new service, which allows for the price of a ticket TCL (1,90 euro) to join Saint-Ex, previously accessible only via the link
Rhônexpress (15,20 euros the way) since Part-Dieu.

One hour journey from the center of Lyon

As of September 2nd, then, line 47 (Meyzieu-Saint-Laurent-de-Mûre) will serve the airport and the Cargoport from 5:55 to 0:08, with a frequency of 30 minutes. From Meyzieu ZI, it will take about 35 minutes to reach Saint-Ex, one hour from the Part-Dieu train station (T3 + bus 47) and 60 minutes also from the center of Lyon (Metro A, T3 and 47).

In early January, at the latest according to the Sytral (authority organizing public transport), line 48 will be put into operation between Genas Bornicat and Saint-Ex with three stops served at the airport: the bus station, Air Park and the area Cargo. This line will run from 6:30 am to 9 pm, with a bus every 35 minutes during rush hour and will arrive on the platform in thirty minutes from Genas.

An improved service of East Lyonnais

Living near the airport so far did not mean it was more convenient to get there by public transport. On the contrary. "It's simple, since Toussieu, to go to Saint-Exupéry in TCL, I put between 1h30 and 1h45 and twelve minutes by car", illustrated this Friday Pierre Vidal, president of the Community of Commons of East Lyonnais and Mayor of Toussieu. A shame when we know that 40% of the 6,000 employees in the airport area live in the neighboring municipalities of Saint-Ex.

The creation of these two lines, which complete six regular lines in service in the East Lyonnais, should improve the trips of the inhabitants of the sector. "These two structuring and sustainable lines come to bring a better connection between the lines and the territories and will make it possible to better connect the communes between them", underlined Fouziya Bouzerda, the president of the Sytral, stating that if necessary, the frequency of the 47 and the 48 would be strengthened. "If it's a success, they can be the subject of a reinforcement of offer," she said.

A competition to Rhônexpress?

Even if the journey time proposed by the new lines is twice as long by bus as with Rhônexpress since the Part-Dieu, it is likely that many users in the future choose to travel by bus to greatly reduce cost of the trip. But the shuttle should still continue to seduce, because of the speed and comfort of the trip. "We have a service from the center of Lyon performance, Rhônexpress. But that is not enough in the state, "said the president of Sytral, anxious to be able to set up other alternatives to serve Saint-Ex and the eastern territories of Lyonnais. To achieve this, the Sytral committed several months ago a renegotiation of the contract linking it to Rhônepress. Displayed objective: to lower the cost of serving passengers and allow the emergence of other transport solutions. These negotiations should be completed this autumn.

Direct coaches Lyon-Saint-Ex?

If discussions with the Rhônexpress dealer succeed and a competitive offer is made possible, the Sytral would like to see emerge a new offer of direct transport by bus between the center of Lyon and the airport, with a journey billed about 8 euros.

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