Algerian tourists beaten and sentenced to prison in Tunisia


Five young Algerian tourists from the wilaya of Djelfa were arrested and severely beaten by Tunisian police on Tuesday [August 20th]. The accused have been arrested in the city of Sousse, following a misunderstanding related to the traffic code in Tunisia, reports the Arabic-language newspaper Sabqpress.

Indeed, the young Algerian tourists drove a car when a disagreement, related to the difference of the Code of the road between Algeria and Tunisia, opposed them to a motorist. The latter warned the police officers who subsequently arrested the five accused at a checkpoint.

Algerian tourists reportedly suffered police violence

"My brother has been physically abused. Then there was a clash between the police officer and the young men, "said one of the victims to the same source, noting that they were" attacked with police batons, despite their young age. and the fact that they were not intoxicated ". And he adds that they were "arrested immediately and put in prison. Their property was seized, including the car.

Charged with assaulting law enforcement officials in the line of duty, young Algerians were brought to court on Tuesday [August 27th]. At the end of their trial, the judge sentenced them to six months in prison. An appeal was lodged by the lawyers of the Algerian tourists.

The families of the victims asked for urgent intervention by the Algerian authorities for their release. Regarding the position of the Algerian Embassy on the case, the brother of the victim claimed to have received a summons from the embassy, ​​which asked them to submit the file and the minutes of the judicial verdict. to make the necessary arrangements.

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