Algeria new supplier of steel for the United States


ALGERIA / TURKEY. Algeria has never exported so much steel. This performance owes nothing to its competitiveness, but to the tariffs that President Trump imposes on Turkey (8th world producer), the European Union (second world producer) and China (the world's largest producer).

The Turkish company Tosyali found the parade by exporting its steels from its Oran plant. She has just delivered 22,000 tons of concrete round off the Atlantic. In total, since the end of 2018, it has shipped more than 60,000 tons of steel from the port of Oran.

Turkish steel, first hit with 50% tariffs from August 2018, reduced to 25% since May 2019, can no longer find a buyer in the US. The export volume has been reduced by 12 in one year, to collapse below 20,000 tons. The protectionist policy of Donald Trump also impacts the European countries. If the EU still manages to export to the United States because of the quality of its steels, it is confronted on its soil with the influx of Turkish steels sold at bargain prices.

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