Alcoholic Water: The New Hot Drink in the United States


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Alcoholic Water: The New Hot Drink in the United States
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Getting drunk in the water, a practice increasingly developed in the United States. For many months, a new kind of drink has invaded the shelves of supermarkets: sparkling alcoholic water. A drink sold in a can by brands such as White Claw or Pura, which owes its success to its low calorie content and a simple recipe: slightly sparkling water, alcohol and, sometimes, some fruit flavors . On average, the drink has an alcohol content between 4 and 6 degrees and provides, according to the British site iNews, the same experience as a glass of vodka mixed with soda and some citrus zest.

A recipe that continues to seduce. If the drink was introduced to the market in 2013, its consumption has exploded in 2019: + 200% sales over one year, according to UBS analysts. The market could reach $ 2.5 billion by 2021, an annual growth of 66% and a jump of 14 million packs to 72 million in 2021. The beverage has become so popular, says Le Monde, that it is now a meme on Instagram.

A success that exports

Thanks to this success across the Atlantic, sparkling alcoholic water is starting to be exported. The phenomenon reached the UK where the first cans, sold 1.70 pound (1.87 euro), were marketed this summer. Another country to be affected by alcoholic water fever: Sweden with producer Koppaberg who launched his own brand. Major beer brands also market this type of beverage, such as MillerCoors, Sam Adams or Mark Anthony Co. Corona also announced the launch of its brand Refresca next May.

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The success of alcoholic water is in line with other low-alcohol sweetened drinks marketed in cans, which are convenient to carry. In the United States, the market sparkling water, nature, caffeinated or alcoholic is also booming, recall Les Échos. Between 2013 and 2018, he approached $ 2.5 billion in revenue with an annual double-digit growth rate.

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