Aladin Legault-d'Auteuil will be a candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada


The candidate was the only one in the riding. The second candidate, Laurence Harvey, finally decided to present herself in Bellechasse-Les Etchemins-Lévis.

The 46-year-old will stand up for Conservative MP Bernard Généreux, who served from 2009 to 2011 before being defeated, and has been sitting again since 2015.

Originally from L'Isle-Verte, Aladin Legault-d'Auteuil wants to represent the region after working internationally for several years for the federal government.

He hopes to use his negotiating skills to mobilize different organizations and political actors to advance certain issues.

If we work together, we can accomplish much morehe says.

Among his priorities, the candidate mentions the fight against poverty, access to communications and the retention of young graduates in the region.

In the riding, there are a lot of people pulling outhe observes, citing seniors and single-parent families. I want to work with these people, with community organizations, etc.

As for communications, it's not normal that in 2019 we can not have telephony anywhere in the region, he laments, saying he regularly loses the cellular signal on the territory.

If we have people who want to work from home, entrepreneurs, farmers; if we want people to stay in the region, we need to be connected.

As for the other parties, the Bloc Quebecois will be represented by Louis Gagnon, who also ran in 2015.

The New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Green Party of Canada have not yet nominated official candidates for the riding.

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