Airbus leaves the race for the delivery of new fighter jets in Canada


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The giant Airbus SE has announced its withdrawal from a multi-billion dollar race to deliver 88 new fighter jets to Canada.

Referring to heavy safety requirements and a late change of rules, Airbus SE said it had left the race to win the bid and supply new fighter jets to Canada, according to Reuters.

Replace Canadian CF-18s

Airbus announced the news in a joint statement with the British Ministry of Defense officially charged with trying to persuade Canada to buy the Typhoon aircraft from the company.
These devices should have replaced the aging Canadian CF-18s. According to Ottawa, the contract is for $ 11 to $ 19 billion.
Canada launched the call for tenders in July. As stated by Reuters, the Canadian forces have made their long-standing decision in favor of Lockheed Martin's F-35 Lightning II. Canada is part of the consortium that developed the aircraft.

Airbus and Boeing Co were "particularly upset" by Canada changing the tender rules in late May to allow Lockheed Martin to stay in the race, Reuters said.

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