After the burial of DJ Arafat, "Chinese" undress the remains of the artist, his tie removed


The tribute ceremony to DJ Arafat, which had started well on Friday, August 30th, was poorly completed the next day on Saturday, August 31, 2019, with the desecration of the tomb of the star of the cut-shift, after his burial at the Williamsville Cemetery.

They no longer deserve their Chinese nicknames, fans of DJ Arafat. They must now be called Saints Thomas. The "show" they have offered to the world is simply horrible. Undress the Daishikan's body !!! You really have to be crazy to do it.

Until the burial of DJ Arafat, these fake Chinese believed that their idol was still alive. And it was a buzz as the artist liked to do in his lifetime. And they pushed the cork very far, to go to profane his grave, just to check if it is indeed DJ Arafat who was lying in the tomb.

They crossed the red line, taking off the clothes of their idol, lying inert in the coffin. As if that was not enough, they wanted to see the distinctive signs of Yorobo, his tattoos and others … "It's not Yoro, it's not him," chanted Saints Thomas.

And yet the truth is there, cruel and implacable. These fans killed Arafat for the second time, despite the many messages the Yoro Gang issued the previous day, calling them to remain worthy in pain.

Despite all the hard evidence with the exhibition of DJ Arafat's body, in the roundabout of the stadium Felix Houphouet Boigny. The Chinese have dared to do this to him! Yeah.

The tension was already mounted at the entrance to Williamsville Cemetery where they blocked all accesses, to prevent burial of the artist. The police had to use tear gas to clear the way.

It was bad to know these Chinese, sorry, those Saints Thomas. They had another plan, this one very macabre: profane DJ Arafat's grave, undressing the body lying in the coffin. They first took off his tie before unbuttoning it. They managed to kill their idol, these Chinese. Of course, the Daishikan will no longer be proud of his China. Pity !

Adolphe Angoua

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