after giving birth in a Denver prison, an inmate files a complaint against the authorities


Diana Sanchez gave birth to her son alone, in July 2018, despite her calls for help to prison guards and nurses.

CCTV footage shows the pain and distress of Diana Sanchez. On July 31, 2018, this inmate from Denver prison (Colorado, USA) gave birth, alone in her cell, to a little boy, after several hours of work. A year later, she filed a complaint against the city and county of Denver, the health authorities and six people. "What should have been one of the happiest days of his life was a day of needless terror, pain and humiliation", can we read in the introduction of his complaint (pdf), recorded Wednesday, August 28.

Diana Sanchez is eight months pregnant when she arrives at Denver Prison on July 14, 2018. She is admitted to pretrial custody, charged with identity theft. Fifteen days later, around 5 am, the young woman warns the penitentiary staff that she is about to give birth, details the complaint. AT "at least eight times"she informs the supervisors that she feels contractions. When she loses the waters, a nurse examines her, gives her an absorbent protection and leaves her alone.

As the video still shows, broadcast by the GuardianDiana Sanchez gives birth on a narrow bed, a few steps from a dirty toilet bowl, without any assistance, despite her calls for help to prison guards. Once the child is born, a nurse comes to pick him up. the inmate and her baby are transported to the hospital only 30 minutes later.

The investigation by the sheriff's office ensures that the supervisors "respected the procedures in force". "If Denver thinks it's appropriate medical assistance and they have done nothing wrong, the problem is more serious than I imagine," says Mari Newman, Diana Sanchez's lawyer at CBS News.

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