After a total interruption of its antenna this morning on all France, RTL resumed at 10:41, progressively the diffusion of its programs


12:25: RTL management said the blackout lasted 5 minutes for 90% of station listeners who listen on FM. The 10% of listeners listening to RTL via digital media were impacted for about 90 minutes, but intermittently, and not in the same way.

10:57: At approximately 10:42, the signal was finally reinstated with a title of Stevie Wonder "You Are the Sunshine of My Life". Vincent Perrot, the animator of the time slot, ended up announcing, after about ten minutes, that this breakdown lasted several minutes. All the FM transmitters and digital media of the station were not yet restored when the host was speaking.

10h50: After 15 minutes of total interruption of its antenna on all France, RTL resumes the diffusion of its programs, without giving in the immediate more more details on what happened to the radios of the group

10h40: On his website, the radio says:

"You may have noticed, Saturday, August 31, all radio stations in our group is a victim of a technical problem on FM transmitters throughout France and on digital channels, that is to say on the applications and websites, we are working on the return of the signal as soon as possible, thank you for your understanding. "

10:33: RTL announces in a statement the interruption of all the radio programs of his group:

"Due to a technical problem, the broadcasting of our programs is momentarily interrupted. The whole of the radio stations of our group is victim of a technical problem on the FM transmitters in all France, as well as on the digital channels."

Details to follow

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