"After 13 years, we needed to be more original"


This Saturday at 23:15, it's back to "We're not lying", on France 2. Laurent Ruquier offers a brand new formula in a decor redone.

Exit the snipers Christine Angot and Charles Consigny. From now on, the "witnesses" will be chosen according to the news. Laurent Ruquier takes stock at a few hours before the start of schoolWe are not lying.Interview.

A few hours back from'We are not lying down, how do you feel in the new decor?

Finally, it does not change much. I present We are not lying for thirteen years and I'm more interested in the content than the container. In any case, contrary to what we often think, people do not like change … We must be very careful and small touches. I reassure them: it's still a second-party talk show on Saturday night with cultural guests, debates and a little humor.

Basically, you still make a lot of changes …

Indeed, the two acolytes that I will have each week will not necessarily be the same from one Saturday to another. People were used to seeing a tandem they found for a year, two years, even three: this is the real novelty.

Why do you give up snipers?

It's not really the fact that they are snipers. Today, while it was the singularity ofWe are not lyingyou can not watch a show without seeing a set with six people debating or arguing. It is a fact: the others followed us and caught up: we needed to be more original.

How do you choose your "witnesses"?

They will be according to the cultural guests that we receive or according to the actuality of the moment. For example, if one day we receive the Minister of National Education, it is not forbidden for us to call Natacha Polony again. It could be Aymeric Caron for the Minister of Ecology or an association. But, as far as possible, it will be new heads, which we have never seen.

They are rare …

Absolutely. But there are still some. I like the idea of ​​discovering strangers. This was the case with Eric Naulleau, nobody knew who he was before the show. Or even Natacha Polony, Léa Salamé …: we did not know them.

You also renounce your ticket at the beginning of the show. Why ?

It's been a long time since I wanted to stop, but Catherine Barma (the producer, ed) was interested in this sequence. In fact, I will continue to comment on the news … over the show.

We are not lying, France 2, 23 h 15

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INTERVIEW. Laurent Ruquier (ONPC): "After 13 years, we needed to be more original"Ouest-France.fr

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