Adam Veilleux becomes candidate for the Liberal Party of Canada


Adam Veilleux will be the candidate of the Liberal Party of Canada for the October 21 elections.

During this campaign, Mr. Veilleux will address among other things the shortage of manpower. "It's essential to give some breathing space to businesses in our country who are desperate for the workforce," he says.

In addition, he wants to be the voice of young people "who want to see politics differently and who want to consider the future positively," says the candidate.

He also says he looks forward to presenting the platform of his party to the citizens and ensures he will present his commitments in the coming weeks.

The entrepreneur beauceron makes a positive assessment of the first mandate of the government of Justin Trudeau. "Over the past four years, the Liberal Party has been able to restore hope to Canadians. Our commitments have been made and we must continue this momentum, "said the one who ran for the Liberal banner in 2015, with 22% of the vote.

A decisive election

Mr. Veilleux describes the poll as decisive for Beauce. "Voters will have the choice between a candidate who will plunge them into the austerity of the Conservatives, an extremist party leader absent from his riding and a young man committed to carrying the records of the Beauce with all the vigor they deserve," he said. there.

The Liberal candidate criticizes Mr. Bernier for leaving aside his riding, whether it was during the Conservative Party leadership contest or the creation of the People's Party. "Today, he spends more time out of his side than right here, among the voters who chose him. The Beaucerons deserve better, "adds Adam Veilleux.

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