Accused of "smuggling", Moroccan ambassador to Pakistan retaliates


By Le360 (with MAP) the 29/08/2019 at 12h41 (updated on 29/08/2019 at 12h46)


Morocco's ambassador to Pakistan, Mohamed Karmoun.

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The Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Islamabad categorically denied the information relayed by national electronic media and published by a Pakistani website concerning the import by the Embassy of a cargo of 26 tons of goods.

National electronic media relayed misinformation published by the Pakistani media "Daily morning mail", relating to the import by the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Islamabad of a cargo of 26 tons, said a statement from the Embassy from the Kingdom of Morocco to Islamabad, which "regrets the resumption of this information, without any overlap or verification".

In this connection, the Embassy states that "any importation of duty-free items requires, according to the rules of custom, the seizure of the Protocol Directorate of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the host country", adding that "any request in this meaning must contain a sliding list indicating the capacity of the cargo, its origin and its port of embarkation ".

"In this case, the Moroccan Embassy declares that it has not applied for any import, let alone a cargo of 26 tons," the statement said.

Also, the Chancery has officially seized the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs to clarify this case and cut short any allegations, the source said.

According to the same source, the Ambassador, Director General of the Protocol to the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed unequivocally that the services of his Directorate, which is the obligatory channel for these requests, did not receive any import requests. this cargo coming from the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco, adding "that it would probably be a fraudulent act".

The Pakistani official stressed that no responsibility is incumbent on the Embassy, ​​which has always respected the norms and rules established in accordance with the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Privileges, concludes the statement of the Embassy of Morocco.

By Le360 (with MAP)

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