According to a study, red wine would be good for our intestines


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According to one study, red wine would have a beneficial effect on the gut microbiota. This study is however to be taken with tweezers: the abuse of alcohol remains bad for the health.

A new study published in the newspaper Gastroenterology August 28, 2019 shows that red wine has an effect on our gut microbiota, making it more diverse and therefore more protective.

Scientists at King's College London studied 916 twins in the United Kingdom, including their reported consumption of beer, wine, cider and spirits, to determine possible differences in the diversity of gastrointestinal microbes , known as microbiota, whose balance is essential for the body. The results reveal that intestinal microbiota was more varied among those who consumed red wine than those who drank another type of alcohol. "The greater the diversity, the better it is for us, to prevent diseases and better metabolize food," says lead author and microbiota expert Caroline Le Roy.

According to the researchers, these results can be explained by the richness of red wine polyphenols. However, this study is to be taken with tweezers and should not be interpreted as a call to drink wine. "You do not have to drink red wine, and you do not have to start drinking it if you do not drink," warns Caroline Le Roy. "Although we have observed an association between red wine consumption and intestinal microbiota diversity, drinking red wine infrequently, for example once every two weeks, seems to be enough to observe an effect," says the researcher. Other foods such as fruits, vegetables, chocolate or hazelnuts are rich in polyphenols.

It is therefore recalled once again: the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health. A glass of red wine, yes, but in moderation!

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