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Eunder new rules adopted by the Liberal government, the program excludes "projects and activities that actively work to undermine or restrict women's access to sexual and reproductive health services".

Employment and Social Development Canada received close to 40,000 applications this year for its "Canada Summer Jobs" program. Of these, close to 400 were excluded under new rules stating that these grants can not be used to undermine human rights, including 26 organizations for their approach to abortion, family planning, family planning, sexual education or related issues.

The Liberals made controversial amendments to the 2018 version of the Canada Summer Jobs program, which required organizations to declare that neither their activities nor their core mandate were in conflict with human rights, including abortion, sexual orientation and gender identity.

Many faith-based organizations then argued that these rules required them to choose between their religious values ​​and federal money – which helped them, for example, to maintain summer camps and other programs that had nothing to do with them. abortion.

Faced with the outcry, the Liberal government then changed the rules just in time for the summer of 2019: candidates must now declare, among other things, that their projects and activities – and not their main mandate – are not working "actively to bring undermine or restrict women's access to sexual and reproductive health services. "

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