A prisoner complains after giving birth alone in her cell


Diana Sanchez had to give birth alone in the cell. – AP / SIPA

A prisoner from a Colorado jail (USA) attacked the county and city of Denver on Wednesday, a health center and six people who had to give birth alone in her cell. Diana Sanchez gave birth to her son without any assistance on July 31, 2018 at 10:44 am after several hours of work and cries of suffering, says the Washington Post.

By 5am, the young woman had warned the staff that she was experiencing contractions, says the complaint. She says she repeated the information "at least eight times during the morning". A little before 10am, she even informed a guard that she had lost the waters.

"Adequate measures", according to an internal survey

"The pain was indescribable but what hurt me the most was that nobody cared," says the plaintiff to the US media KDVR. She accuses prison officials and staff of "coldly leaving her alone for hours" and giving her "a terrifying experience," which was filmed by the police surveillance camera. cell. The mother finally blames the authorities for not having "made sure that (she) can give birth in a safe and hygienic medical environment".

An internal investigation by the Denver Sheriff's Office, however, found that no officer had committed any fault. A spokeswoman said Wednesday that the employees "had taken appropriate measures in the circumstances and had followed the rules and procedures provided." "Their conclusion is that there is nothing wrong when a woman is not taken to hospital once and gives birth in a cold, dirty prison cell," says Diana Sanchez's lawyer. It's totally unimaginable. "

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