A man shot in the street in Boucherville


The victim, a man in his thirties, was found lying on the ground near his bike shortly before midnight Thursday on Lionel-Daunais street, in front of the Francine-Gadbois community center.

The individual was shot multiple times. His death was observed on the scene by the police and the personnel of Urgences-santé.

Investigators from the Longueuil Agglomeration Police Service (SPAL) erected a large security perimeter around the crime scene.

According to police officer François Boucher, SPAL, the police have not arrested any suspects in this case for the moment, but several witnesses were met and interviewed by the investigators or will be in the next hours.

The images captured by the surveillance cameras of the businesses and buildings located near the crime scene will also be viewed, added the agent Boucher who did not give more information on the identity of the victim or the existence possible links that would link it to organized crime.

A canvas covers a body near a motorcycle.

The body of the victim was lying near his motorcycle on Lionel-Daunais Street in Boucherville.

Photo: Radio-Canada / Alain Béland

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