a little boy helps his autistic classmate to go back to school


Only a few days before the start of the school year for French students. In the United States, it was held in mid-August in a majority of states. A special day for children, and especially for Conner who has found a friend.

The autistic child was very impatient at the thought of his first day of class in primary school Minneha, Wichita, Kansas, reports CNN. He decides to take the school bus, without his mother, and so arrives very early. In front of all the agitation, Connect panic and start crying in a corner. "He was overwhelmed and very emotional, tears come when he is happy and when he is sad," says his mother, April Cites.

Christian, another little boy of 8 years, sees him and will help him. He grabs his hand, accompanies him to the front door, and waits for the bell to ring to go inside the school. Christian's mother, Courtney Moore, immortalizes the scene and then posts on social networks. "It is an honor to raise a child so loving and compassionate! ", she writes.

They have since been inseparable

"He found me and held my hand and my tears of sadness turned into tears of joy," Conner tells CNN. When her mother was made aware of the scene, she too was very moved. "I fear every day that someone is making fun of him because he does not speak correctlyor because he does not stay still, or because he jumps up and down and slams his hands … ", she confides.

Since then, the two boys are inseparable. "He's so excited to have a friend", said Conner's mother," He said to me: I love him. "For both moms, this friendship is a beautiful lesson in life.

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