a judge suspends a restrictive law on abortion in Missouri


This very restrictive law on the right to abortion was to come into effect on Wednesday.

A federal judge in Missouri temporarily suspended Tuesday, August 27, the application of a very restrictive law on the right to abortion that was to come into effect Wednesday in the conservative state of central United States. Judge Howard Sachs said the law banning abortions from the eighth week goes against the decision of the US Supreme Court that guarantees the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy as long as the fetus is not "not viable", around the 24th week of pregnancy.

The law, he explained in his expectations, "is in conflict with the Supreme Court's ruling that no legislative or judicial limit on abortion can be measured in terms of weeks of fetal development". It did not, however, block the part of the law prohibiting abortions on the basis of sex, color or a risk of trisomy 21 for the unborn child. "We are encouraged by the court ruling that confirmed the anti-discrimination nature of the law and we look forward to resolving other issues", reacted on Twitter Republican Governor Mike Parson.

Several conservative states in the center and south of the country have launched a major offensive against the right to abortion by adopting very restrictive laws that have been the subject of legal remedies. They hope ultimately to see the Supreme Court, now a conservative majority, return to its iconic Roe v. Wade who had legalized abortion in 1973.

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