A girl found alone in a car in the middle of the night


It's a touching story. At approximately 2:15 am on the morning of August 18, citizens contacted the police after noticing a little girl who was alone in a car parked on Wellington Street Southsays Sherbrooke Police Service spokesman Martin Carrier.

Quickly dispatched to the scene, the agents gathered the child who was in tears. She was hungry, thirsty and had urinated in her pajamas. The police took care of her and found the father a few minutes later as he was coming out of a bar. He was intoxicated he adds.

The man, who was not known to the police, was arrested.

The baby was given to the mother. The Directorate of Youth Protection has been notified. An investigation would be in progress.

The file has also been submitted to the Criminal and Penal Prosecutions Branch. The 39-year-old man could be charged with criminal negligence or abandonment of a child.

The father was released after his arrest.

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