a Frenchman killed by a bear


This is an absolutely rare story. A Frenchman was killed by a bear while camping in a wilderness of Canada, last August 15th.

Julien Gauthier, 44, was surprised in full sleep by a grizzly bearaccording to the explanations given by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to the Parisian. He and his friend who accompanied him on this trip camped when the bear grabbed Julien's neck and shoulder. The animal then transported the man into the forest. His body was found the next day, in a wild area.
Julien Gauthier was a French composer of Canadian origin. He traveled to record and draw on the sounds of nature to make a composition. As he explains on the online crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank, he wanted to descend the Mackenzie River for a month by canoeing over 1,500 kilometers.

In 2018, already, Julien had gone on a mission to the Kerguelen Islands, in Antarctica, to mount a musical creation, which had been broadcast on France Music. On his website, Julien Gauthier had listed these productions. Canada's should have been published there.

Bear attacks are rare but they exist. On July 29, a Canadian was seriously injured by the animal in the stomach and legs. He managed to escape the wild beast with his penknife.

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